A productive asset, a patrimonial vehicle, a porfolio diversifier and above all a family investment…
Vineyard estates for investors
With a 20+ years of experience in the vineyard transactions and a network of legal, financial and technical experts as well as forged contacts worldwide, I offer you a comprehensive understanding of the industry at a global and local scale as well as the reality of the local market to help you in your vineyard project. With insights and data on different wine regions, the industry, the trends, we will work on the most suitable type of property for you. We will then search for the targeted investment across our network. This market is confidential by nature as the vineyards have a social and commercial dimension to care about in our approach. We work efficiently and with discretion to preserve the interests of the parties. This is of utmost importance for us.

A global vision and local experts ressources to serve your investment.

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Thibaud Desprets